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    After-School All-Stars (ASAS-LA) mission is to educate, enlighten, and inspire young people by providing exciting and dynamic opportunities for their success, while cultivating students’ self-esteem, leadership and respect for one another to help build healthier communities.


    Our vision for our All-Stars is that they grow up safe and healthy, graduate high school and go on to college, find careers they love, and give back to their communities.

    ASAS-LA Academics

    • Academic Support and Homework Assistance • The Visual and Performing Arts • Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness • Youth Leadership and Community Service Learning

    ASAS-LA and the Arts

    ASAS has four National Initiative programs that complement our Three Pillars and address the issues most adversely affecting our students and their communities. • We Are Ready (W.A.R) A high school readiness and success program • Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO): A financial literacy and entrepreneurialism program • Sports As A Hook (SAAH): An anti-obesity and health living program • Life Service Action (LSA): Developing students’sense of social responsibility and civic awareness. Keep the...

  • Kobe invites you to his last game ever!

    After 20 amazing years, Kobe Bryant will play in his final Lakers home game….and you could be there to witness it! Help support our mission to educate and inspire the next generation of kids right now and you’ll get the chance to not only sit front row at Kobe’s final game, you’ll also get the opportunity to share a high five with him before the game! Learn More:

    Kobe invites you to his last game ever!
Educate. Enlighten.
After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles educates, enlightens and inspires young people by providing dynamic and exciting opportunities for success, while cultivating self-esteem, leadership and respect to help build healthier communities.
  • DJ Skee is a proud Celebrity Ambassador of the ASAS-LA

    Celebrity Ambassador DJ Skee
  • ASAS-LA was recognized as a Top Recruitment Team for United Way Homewalk 2013

    United Way Homewalk with Kobe Bryant
  • ASAS-LA Visual & Performing Arts

    ASAS-LA Visual and Performing Arts
  • Blast-Off to Science – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) for the Entire Community!

    Blast Off to Science
  • ASAS-LA Music Programs

    ASAS-LA Music Programs
  • Give inner-city students the chance to see new sights & explore the world outside of their own communities!

    Inner-city Students
  • CampUs 2014 at UCLA

    CampUs 2014 at UCLA
  • Kobe Bryant Enables ASAS-LA Students with Cultural Opportunities

    Kobe Bryant and the ASAS-LA Students
  • Kobe Basketball Academy

    Kobe Basketball Academy
  • Kobe Bryant working with our youth

    Kobe Bryant working with our youth
  • Team up with Kobe

    Team up with Kobe
  • See what ASAS-LA is all about!

    Video about the ASAS-LA program featuring Kobe Bryant and Director Ana Campos
  • Kobe invites you to his last game ever

    Kobe invites you to his last game ever